Future 7 Play Junior Firm Ground Football Boots (2024)

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Puma Future 7 Play Junior Firm Ground Football Boots

Future 7 Play Junior Firm Ground Football Boots (1)

Future 7 Play Junior Firm Ground Football Boots





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Future 7 Play Junior Firm Ground Football Boots (16)

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Product code: 084035

Get your little one ready to take their game to the next level with the Puma Future 7 Play Firm Ground/Artificial Ground Football Boots. Crafted with a soft upper that combines lightweight and durable synthetic materials, these boots offer the perfect balance of performance and comfort. With at least 30% recycled material in the upper, it showcases the brand's commitment to sustainability. The stretch collar ensures a snug fit to keep focused on the game, while the texturized print details at key contact zones enhance ball grip, giving them the edge in every play. The Dynamic Motion System with advanced stud configuration, provides the support, traction, and agility they need to make lightning-fast moves. Designed with a regular to wide fit and lace closure, these boots offer a customisable fit. To complete the design, the boots are adorned with the iconic Puma cat logo and future graphics for brand recognition. Please refer to the product label for the full composition and care instructions.

  • Soleplate / Ground Type Firm Ground
  • Football Boot Sock No
  • Model Puma Future
  • Upper Material Synthetic
  • Insole Technology Cushioned Insole
  • Style Firm Ground Football Boots
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    Future 7 Play Junior Firm Ground Football Boots (2024)


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