AP Psychology Score Calculator | Advanced Placement - 2024 (2024)

If you are looking for AP Psychology Score Calculator then you are at the best place. Advanced Placement AP is an education system managed by a college board. It lets Canadian and US high school students take college-level courses and exams, and doing well on these exams may earn them college credit. This can ultimately help them in their college placements.

If you are planning to appear in the AP Psychology exam in 2024, and want to keep track of your score and see how much you have improved, then this article is for you. By using the AP Psychology calculators, you can track how much of your score improved in your tests, and prepare according to it.

Over the course of this article, we will mainly discuss the importance of AP Psychology calculators and some of the best calculators to determine your result in your AP Psychology exam.

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AP Psychology Average Score

Every year AP official website publishes the Exam data which shows the Average/mean score, percent score, etc.

The average score on an AP psychology exam varies over the years, depending upon the performance of the student in that exam year. Below you can see AP psychology average scores in different years.

YearAverage score ( In percentage)

These average scores give us the idea of a general understanding of students’ performance, but individual performance may vary and depend upon personal preparation, study habits, and test-taking skills.

AP psychology Score Percentages Calculator

Like the average score, the percentage score in AP Psychology changes from year to year. So the AP Psychology percentage score for the students who obtained a score of 3 or more in the 2022 exam is 73.4 %.

The below-mentioned table shows the number of students who appeared in 2022 and their percentage scores according to their grades.

AP Psychology gradeNumber of students

AP® Psychology Score Calculator Introduction

AP Psychology is a course that is offered in high school for advanced placement. It studies the concepts, hypotheses, and techniques related to human behavior and mental process.

This course aims to introduce high school students to the principle and concepts of Psychology and thereby provide a foundation for further study in the field.

Exam date

Like other courses, AP psychology exams are conducted in the month of May. According to the official website of the AP, College Board, the AP Psychology exam will be held on Thursday, 9 May 2024 at 12 PM Local time.

As there is not much time left in exams so, use the best AP Psychology calculators to estimate your scores and prepare according to them.

Get more results: Best AP Score Calculator | Calculate My Ap® Score

Exam structure

According to the latest guidelines given on the college board website the structure for AP psychology Exam is divided into two sections.

AP Psychology Score Calculator | Advanced Placement - 2024 (1)

Section 1

This section consists of 100 Multiple choice questions, which account for about 66.7% of the total exam score.

Students have 70 minutes to complete this portion.

Section 2

This section includes two Free-response questions (FRQs) which are to be solved in 50 minutes.

This portion contributes to about 33.3% of the total score.

Exam scale

The scales used to mark the exams ranges from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest while 1 is the lowest. The below table shows the AP psychology Grading scale in 2023.

Exam ScoreRecommendationCollege Equivalent
5Extremely Well-qualifiedA+ or A
4Well qualifiedA-,B+, or B
3QualifiedB-, C+, or C
2Possibly qualified—–
1No recommendations—–

To check the AP psychology exam data in 2022, click here

Why use AP PSYCHOLOGY Calculator

While preparing for the AP exam we want to make sure that if we are performing on the right track and continuously improving our score. Here comes the AP Psych grade calculator which can be used to do this task.

This calculator will help us in understanding the Free response and multiple choice scores required for certain scores in the AP final exam. Then we can decide wherever there is more need for attention. Some may get good marks in multiple-choice questions but conversely may face some problems in free-response questions. Therefore, you can use the AP Psychology calculator to know how many marks you need in FRQs to get a good result in your AP Psychology final exam.

Overall it will not only improve us but also help us to prepare for the AP Psychology exam in an easy way.

When to use AP Psychology Calculator

After taking the practice exam, use the AP psych grade calculator to calculate your scores. Initially, you may get a poor grade but you should remain consistent and after 2 to 3 tests you may see your score going up in the calculator.

Also if you get a grade of 4 or more in your practice exams don’t just stop studying but remain consistent because practice will help you to score more on your AP Psychology exam.

Best AP Psychology score calculator 2023

There is no official calculator released by the college board to calculate your exam marks. But don’t worry, as there are many third-party sources and websites that give you an approximation of your AP score.

Also the Scoring policy for calculating AP exams score is changed after some time, hence its version changes according to it. That’s why you may see “AP Psychology grade calculator 2012” or “AP Psych grade calculator 2018”, but don’t get confused as they may be formed according to the score policies in that respective years.

So when you want to check your AP Psychology exam score in the future make sure to search according to the latest year. You can not say that the calculator is giving you wrong results in 2023 when you are using a calculator that says “2019 AP Psychology score calculator”. The bottom line is that make sure that your calculator is latest and according to published guidelines.

AP Psychology Score Calculator | Advanced Placement - 2024 (2)

For the year 2023, the best websites for AP psych grade calculator are given below

  1. Albert.io
  2. Exam strategist

These calculators work in a simple way, you just have to enter the score you obtained in Multiple choice and Free response questions. Then the calculator will give you your composite score as well as your predicted AP score.

Although these calculators give you an approximate of your score it gives you a good idea of what your score is.

Besides these online sources, there are some AP preparation companies as well as some prep books you can consult to get your AP Psychology exam score and prepare according to your need.


The AP Psychology score calculator is a beneficial tool for students who are preparing to take this exam. This tool can help the students to keep track of their preparation and gauge their performance.

In our article, we have identified two of the best calculators available in 2023 which gives you an estimate of your composite and predicted score. So next time you take a practice test make sure that you check your score in these calculators and then analyze to regularly improve your score. Ultimately students can increase their chances of success by earning extra college credits in the AP Psychology program.

Upcoming Ap Score Exams Test Calculator for all Subjects

KeywordLatest Information
ap psychology calculatorThere is no official calculator allowed on the AP Psychology exam. However, students may use a four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator for specific questions.
ap psychology calculator allowedA calculator is not allowed on the AP Psychology exam, except for specific questions where a four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator may be used.
ap psychology score calculator 2023The AP Psychology exam scoring system remains consistent, but specific score calculators for the 2023 exam are not available yet. Students will receive their scores on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest.
do you need a calculator for ap psychologyWhile a calculator is not generally required for the AP Psychology exam, specific questions may allow the use of a four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator.
can you use a calculator on the ap psychology examThe use of calculators on the AP Psychology exam is limited to certain questions only, and not all questions will permit calculator usage.
ap psychology timingThe AP Psychology exam is approximately 2 hours long and consists of a multiple-choice section and a free-response section. Students should manage their time effectively to complete all questions within the allocated time.
ap psychology average scoreThe average AP Psychology exam score varies each year, depending on the overall performance of students. Scores are reported on a scale of 1-5, with 3 being a passing score.
ap psychology percentage to get a 5The percentage of questions needed to earn a 5 on the AP Psychology exam is not fixed and can vary from year to year based on the overall difficulty of the exam. Achieving a 5 typically requires a high percentage of correct answers.
ap psychology exam statisticsThe College Board releases annual statistics on the AP Psychology exam, including overall performance, score distribution, and passing rates. These statistics provide insights into student performance and trends.
albert io ap psychology calculatorAlbert.io offers an AP Psychology score calculator that helps students estimate their potential scores based on practice exam performance. It is not an official calculator for the actual AP exam.
calculate ap psych scoreStudents can calculate their AP Psychology score using the scoring guidelines provided by the College Board for the multiple-choice and free-response sections. They can also use online score calculators for practice exams.
ap psychology benefitsTaking AP Psychology offers numerous benefits, including earning college credits, developing critical thinking skills, and gaining a deeper understanding of human behavior and mental processes.
how many credits is ap psychologyThe number of college credits earned for AP Psychology varies depending on the college or university’s policies. Typically, a score of 3 or higher on the AP exam may grant college credit or advanced placement.
btec applied psychology grade calculatorBTEC Applied Psychology grades are typically calculated based on the specific grading criteria set by the awarding body. Students should refer to the official grading guidelines or consult their instructors for accurate calculations.
btec applied psychology calculatorBTEC Applied Psychology calculators may not be available, as grades are usually determined based on specific assessment criteria set by the awarding body. Students should refer to official guidelines for accurate calculations.
ap psych score percentagesThe percentage of students scoring 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 on the AP Psychology exam can vary each year based on overall performance. The College Board releases score distribution data annually.

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AP Psychology Score Calculator | Advanced Placement - 2024 (2024)


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