18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (2024)

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Yes, girl! Cheap home decor EXISTS and it can be extremely beautiful.

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Updated on July 9, 2023

18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (2)

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18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (3)

I love decorating my home!

It helps me to create a welcoming space to come to every day.

In fact, I’m also a serial furniture mover, but this confession is for another article.

Let’s just admit that switching up your home decor can almost make you feel like a new person.

You come home, everything is nice and new unified and comfy and cozy… But if you’re someone who likes to get new things often, it might get a little too expensive, fast.

I know that sometimes it is challenging to fit in your budget some home improvements, but you just crave something new for your home… You get tired of the same walls, same furniture, same layouts, and your home can even start to irritate you.

Been there!

But hey, it’s good for you to change your surroundings and it doesn’t have to leave you broke either.

I’m always looking for some cheap home decor ideas that can create a feeling of change, quickly, and I have a ton of ideas for you!

After some personal hits and misses, I discovered that there are actually a lot of cheap home decor approachesthat don’t break the piggy bank.

Read on to discover my top recommendations and I bet you will be amazed by how easy, fun and cheap home decor can be!

1. Revive unique accessories

This is one of the best, cheap home decor ideas around!

Instead of purchasing new, expensive decorations, I love to refurbish accessories or home decor items from the past. It is way cheaper, and it can offer an interesting vintage decorative feel if you’re into that kind of stuff.

You can find a lot of goodies to refurbish in second-hand stores, garage sales, and my personal favorites – vintage boutiques.

Look for things like antique candle holders, extravagant mirrors, interesting coffee tables, and anything else that has a shape you like.

Then – simply repaint it or deep-clean to bring back the shine.

A classy vintage beauty right at your home and everyone coming around thinks you spent hundreds on those unique pieces.

And or the color guidance, check out this quick video!

2. Hide old flooring

If your floor is not-so-pretty-anymore, the cheapest way to decorate it is with a new rug.

Now, I know, I know, pretty rugs aren’t cheap!

But you can actually find a lot of cheap home decor rugs at IKEA.

They will be synthetic, and may not be Instagram-worthy, but they do the job of hiding the old floor fine.

18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (4)

3. Move furniture around

Sometimes switching up your home is completely unrelated to shopping!

Another fun and cheap home decor idea is to review the furniture placements and create a new, more stylish, or more practical layout.

You wouldn’t believe how a simple furniture reorientation can revive an otherwise boring room!

Just one thing to remember – before you try this cheap home decor idea, scroll through interior magazines or websites around the internet and try to notice how and where the furniture is placed.

You’ll find a lot of interesting ideas and you will be able to recreate different layouts at your home too.

Without doing a quick research, you might end up messing your whole space up!

4. Add as many plants as possible!

Going green can boost your home appeal and significantly improve the air inside – and plants are absolutely superior when it comes to cheap home decor!

You can grow them from seeds, propagate from someone else’s plants (just make sure to ask before you do it!) or grab a few plants on sale and make a few more out of them.

18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (5)

5. Create a theme and stick to it

If you want to keep your home decoration costs at a minimum, I highly recommend deciding and sticking to one color palette.

A mix of different colors is very hard to put together, and it will always look a bit messy, so you can end up buying more.

Tidiness and cleanliness are a huge part of home decor so, to make yourself a favor, choose one neutral palette, and just plan everything around it!

If you already have a lot of different color around, try to unify the palette by upholstering, dyeing or even hiding the things that don’t fit your new palette.

6. Go crazy with adjustable lighting


Smart bulbs!

One of the best, cheap home decor ideas that will definitely give your home a feeling of something new.

Smart bulbs can provide a refreshing change to any room since you can select absolutely any color you like (with an app) and instantly enjoy a rosy room, green-ish room and what not!

Now, initially it may be a bit of an investment, but knowing that these bulbs can last for thousands of hours, it’s actually a very low-cost way to offer a room an entirely new vibe.

18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (6)

T TECKIN Smart Light Bulb With Color Switching App

7. Use your creativity and DIY your own decor

If you’re one of the creative souls, a new painting or even stitching design can help you to create cheap home decor, that is also a part of you. There are tons of DIY painting tutorials on Youtube and most of them look awesome + are made to be very easy to recreate.

8. Try wall decals

If you have plain walls, another cheap home decor idea I recommend is wall decals.

They’re usually inexpensive and can give a new room feel to any space, quickly.

If you don’t want to decal the entire room, choose a center wall, and decorate there.

Or, pick an accent space, like the wall around your bed:

18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (7)

RoomMates String Of Pearls Vine Peel And Stick Wall Decal

9. Create a frameless photo gallery

Add your personal touch and use an area on the wall to hang some photos with friends and family members – just not with the frames.

Instead, utilize things like lamp strips or Christmas lights:

This cheap home decor will act as a gallery (that is a lot cheaper than paintings) and as a beautiful memory space as well.

18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (8)

If photo galleries are not your thing, another beautiful option is to decorate with something that creates meaning – like hanging canvas wall art.

By decorating with intention, you make your home more beautiful, warm, and inspirational. Hanging canvas wall art brings a natural touch to your decor and it’s a very interesting way to make your home more sustainable.

There are plenty of styles, quotes, and pictures you can use to make it even more personal – just choose what makes you feel inspired.

10. Decorate your kitchen with your china

If you have nice plates or cups, there is no need to keep them hidden.

As long as they’re clean, you can present them as kitchen accessories by displaying them on a shelf!

18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (9)

11. Recondition your cabinets

This cheap home decor idea is perfect if you’re not afraid to get a little dirty.

Applying new paint or just gloss finish can turn out to be the cheapest way to liven up and decorate your kitchen or any other room too!

If you’re tired of boring wooden cabinets, you can go bold and repaint your cabinets in a brighter color (like mint blue!).

If you prefer a minimalistic look, white cabinets will always look great in kitchens and they tend to create a feeling of hygiene and space.

12. Add new tablecloths and napkin holders

… And bring up a new pepper and salt shaker, along with a flower vase.

These cheap home decor items can actually make your whole table feel like new.

Another of my favorite ways to decorate for cheap is by adding a vase with wildflowers (picked near the lake or forest – I love nature!).

18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (10)

13. Replace your shower curtain

Shower curtains are one of those cheap home decor items that instantly give a shocking, new feel to your room.

Just hang it – and here it goes!

A beautiful bathroom improvement in seconds.

When choosing a new shower curtain, try to make sure the mats, towels, and soap cases follow your color palette too.

Otherwise – just pick a neutral color curtain that matches every other color (think white, black, grey).

18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (11)

AmazonBasics Mold and Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain

14. Make sure to remove clutter

In my opinion, this is the fastest and absolutely free way to decorate absolutely any home – just make it squeaky clean.

Nothing looks better than a perfectly clean room and even if your home lacks expensive decor, if it’s clean, it will always look and feel good.

If you feel like decluttering might be the thing your home really needs, make sure to check our ultimate decluttering guide!

15. Shop for some inexpensive textile decor

Inexpensive plaids, snow-white day curtains, kitchen towels, puffs, pillows – all of these are cheap home decor items that add a lot of charisma and fun to any room.

Throw pillows tend to go very cheap in sales (especially Christmas sales!), so it’s a great idea to grab a few for an instant feeling of new decor.

Position them in your living room, bedroom, or on that small sitting bench at your home’s entrance.

If you want to spend even less on throw pillows, buy just the inserts and DIY pillow covers from clothes that don’t fit you anymore.

16. Remove some furniture

That’s right!

Sometimes furniture in our homes can be completely useless, or even an eyesore.

I admit that sometimes I get attached to stuff (don’t we all?..), but I recently removed a piece of bulky furniture from my living room and it’s so much better now!

17. Sort your bookshelves

One of my favorite, cheap ways to decorate the home is by sorting the books and other objects on shelves in a very orderly fashion.

You can sort your books by color (the rainbow system works great!), by alphabet, or by any other order you’d come up with.

Plus, it’s a fun way to waste some time when you’re bored!

18. Add some candles for an extra touch of style

Cute and cheap home decor candles are your fastest way to create a ZEN experience in any room!

Just light a few to create a luxurious feeling in any room.

Trust me, you don’t have to go for those expensive, ultra-fragrant candles.

To decorate and stay within your budget, choose odorless, fragrance-free candles for just the lighting (they’re healthier anyway), or buy the scented ones in bulk:

18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (12)

Unicy Scented Candle Set – Soy Wax Votive Candle Bulk 12 in Pack

Yes, Cheap Home Decor Exists

I know some of these are common sense ways to decorate your home, but I also believe that people need to be reminded about how simple life is.

Sometimes we want more than we actually need and forget our creative side, which is able to generate a lot of beautiful ideas, without spending money.

So I hope you will use one, more, or all tips above to gather some cheap home decor and revamp your home!

I suggest you to start by modifying a wall and moving forward to moving some furniture.

From this point on, things will seem changed entirely and it will be easier to move forward.

And, of course, do some shopping for cheap home decor items to freshen up your interior!

I can’t stress the fun of vintage stores enough, because you never know what you’re about to discover!

Like these tips?

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As an avid home decorator with a passion for creating beautiful and welcoming spaces on a budget, I understand the challenges of wanting to refresh your home without breaking the bank. My expertise in this field comes from both personal experience and extensive research into cost-effective home decor solutions. I've experimented with various techniques and ideas to find the most effective and budget-friendly ways to transform living spaces.

The article you've shared discusses practical and affordable home decor ideas that anyone can implement to give their home a fresh look. Let's break down the concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. Revive Unique Accessories:

    • Suggests refurbishing existing accessories or finding vintage items.
    • Encourages exploring second-hand stores, garage sales, and vintage boutiques.
    • Recommends repainting or deep-cleaning to refresh the items.
  2. Hide Old Flooring:

    • Proposes using inexpensive rugs to cover unattractive flooring.
    • Highlights IKEA as a source for affordable rugs.
  3. Move Furniture Around:

    • Emphasizes the impact of rearranging furniture to create a new and stylish layout.
    • Advises seeking inspiration from interior magazines or websites before making changes.
  4. Add as Many Plants as Possible:

    • Advocates for incorporating plants to enhance home appeal and air quality.
    • Suggests growing plants from seeds, propagating from others, or taking advantage of plant sales.
  5. Create a Theme and Stick to It:

    • Recommends choosing and sticking to a specific color palette for a cohesive look.
    • Advises against a mix of different colors to avoid a cluttered appearance.
  6. Go Crazy with Adjustable Lighting:

    • Highlights the use of smart bulbs for a cost-effective and customizable lighting solution.
    • Acknowledges the initial investment but emphasizes the long-lasting benefits.
  7. Use Your Creativity and DIY Your Own Decor:

    • Encourages creative individuals to explore DIY projects for personalized decor.
    • Mentions the availability of DIY painting tutorials on platforms like YouTube.
  8. Try Wall Decals:

    • Suggests using wall decals as an inexpensive way to quickly transform a room.
  9. Create a Frameless Photo Gallery:

    • Recommends hanging photos without frames, using alternatives like lamp strips or Christmas lights.
    • Highlights the personal and meaningful aspect of creating a photo gallery.
  10. Decorate Your Kitchen with Your China:

    • Encourages displaying nice plates and cups as kitchen accessories.
  11. Recondition Your Cabinets:

    • Proposes repainting or applying a gloss finish to cabinets for a budget-friendly kitchen upgrade.
  12. Add New Tablecloths and Napkin Holders:

    • Suggests small additions like new tablecloths, napkin holders, and updated kitchen accessories.
  13. Replace Your Shower Curtain:

    • Recommends using a new shower curtain as a quick and impactful update for the bathroom.
  14. Remove Clutter:

    • Advocates for decluttering as a free and effective way to enhance any home.
  15. Shop for Inexpensive Textile Decor:

    • Highlights the affordability and charm of items like plaids, curtains, and throw pillows.
    • Recommends buying throw pillow inserts and creating DIY covers.
  16. Remove Some Furniture:

    • Suggests eliminating unnecessary or unattractive furniture to improve the overall look of a space.
  17. Sort Your Bookshelves:

    • Encourages organizing books and objects on shelves in a visually appealing manner.
  18. Add Some Candles for an Extra Touch of Style:

    • Recommends using affordable candles to create a cozy atmosphere in any room.
    • Emphasizes the option of choosing fragrance-free candles for a healthier environment.

The overarching theme is that home decor doesn't have to be expensive, and creative, budget-friendly solutions can make a significant impact on the look and feel of a space. These practical tips cater to individuals looking to refresh their homes without straining their finances.

18 Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Create Big Changes (2024)


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